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Du-par’s opened recently at the Suncoast in Las Vegas. And it made a favorable first impression.

To slake the thirst of people waiting in line, a waiter appeared with glasses of water. A little hydration is always good in the desert, he said.


A video display of dishes being prepared from scratch also entertains while people are waiting.

Talk about stimulating the senses. Not to mention the power of suggestion.

After maybe a 7-8 minute wait, we found a table and placed our orders promptly. The staff is eager to please. Even after we ordered, someone else appeared and was ready to take our order again.

We were hungry, but not hungry enough to order twice.

While my friend was happy with a chef’s salad, I had my eyes on gourmet meatloaf, billed as a combination of chuck, pork and veal.

I also ordered chicken noodle soup. You can have either that or a slice of pie, but it’s an extra $3.50.

Our orders arrived, but mine was missing a promised dinner roll. No problem — a quick reminder to one of our two waiters and two fluffy, oversized rolls promptly appeared.

My friend was happy with her salad. And the meatloaf was flavorful, the vegetables abundant and the mashed potatoes respectable.

Du-par’s is an L.A.-based company that opened first in 1938 at the Los Angeles Farmers Market. It takes its hyphenated name from its two founders — James Dunn and Edward Parsons. The name is already familiar to Las Vegans since there’s a location at the Golden Gate in downtown Las Vegas.

When we finished our meals, we had enough left over to fill a take-out box.

And we left an appropriate tip. Hopefully, the two people who waited on us will be able to split it.

With excellent diner-style food and eager customer service, Du-Par’s will most assuredly do well at its new location.

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